Do you know the value of your jewelry?
Along with the sentimental value that your jewelry may hold, there is no question that your jewelry holds monetary value as well. Most of the time, you may not even know what your prized possessions are worth. At 14K, we offer complete and accurate jewelry appraisal reports that provide you with professional documentation of your jewelry’s distinct characteristics and overall value.
Formal Appraisal Types We Offer:
Insurance Replacement Appraisal (Most Common)

Establishes the full retail replacement value of an item. This value reflects the cost to replace an item with a brand-new equivalent.

Fair Market Value Appraisal

Establishes a practical selling price between a willing buyer and seller. The value assigned represents the item’s worth in its current (most of the time - used) condition.

The Written Appraisal Process

Our jewelry appraisals are done in-house by our master jewelers.


During the process, your item(s) will undergo cleaning and inspection before being professionally photographed and later analyzed by our experts.

jewelry appraisal - preparation of jewelry

The analysis of your item will take into account the condition and quality of the precious metals (weight, type, and karat) as well as the diamonds (cut, color, carat weight, and clarity) and/or colored gemstones that make up your piece.

jewelry appraisal - inspection of jewelry

Once complete, a certified, detailed appraisal report will be provided to you containing a statement of what your item is worth. Please note that the value assigned to your item by our expert jewelers will be a fair representation of what your jewelry is worth depending on what type of appraisal is being conducted.

jewelry appraisal - documentation of jewelry
Turnaround time: 2-3 business days
Performed on-site
360 degree view of your item
Certified by master jewelers
Fair value assigned to your item based on appraisal type
Accurate precious metal weights and gemstone measurements
secured database secured database
We maintain a secure database for our customer appraisals, should you need an additional copy of documentation or even an update on the value of your item in the future.

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