Jewelry Repair


Years of Expertise.

With over 30 years of experience, our master jewelers have encountered nearly every jewelry repair scenario imaginable and can fix almost anything. Our full-service repair shop is equipped with the latest laser welding technology, allowing us to repair and restore your jewelry with outstanding precision. From start to finish, our facility has everything needed to complete your repair to the highest of standards.

Our consultants and jewelers will evaluate your jewelry and provide you with the most cost-effective repair options. Quotes are given before each piece is worked on so there are no hidden fees. We take it a step further and inform you of what measures to take to prevent further damage or even the loss of your cherished item.

jewelry education jewelry education

Expert Jewelry Repair

Quality jewelry repair for any item.

jewelry education jewelry education

Vintage Restoration

Restore sentimental family heirlooms to their original condition.

jewelry education jewelry education

Regular Maintenance

Ensure that your jewelry is safe to wear.

Performed in-house. Always.

Competitive pricing.
Turnaround time: 3-5 business days.
Upgrade to same day service.
1-year warranty.
Complementary cleaning and inspection.
Common Jewelry Repairs:
ring sizing balls after
ring sizing balls after
ring sizing balls after
ring sizing balls after
Prong Retipping/Rebuilding before Prong Retipping/Rebuilding after
rRing Reshaping before Ring Reshaping after
Ring Sizing Beads before Ring Sizing Beads after
Shank Repair before Shank Repair after
Shank Replacement before Shank Replacement after
Ring Sizing (Down or Up) before Ring Sizing (Down or Up) after
Ring Fusion/Fission before Ring Fusion/Fission after
Link Repair before Link Repair after
Clasp Repair/Replacement before Clasp Repair/Replacement after
End Tag Rebuilding/Replacement before End Tag Rebuilding/Replacement after
Lengthening/Shortening before Lengthening/Shortening after
Post & Backing Replacement before Post & Backing Replacement after
Components Conversion before Components Conversion after
Jump Ring Rebuilding/Replacement before Jump Ring Rebuilding/Replacement after
Bail Rebuilding/Replacement before Bail Rebuilding/Replacement after

Prong Retipping

Drop-Off Jewelry Repair Process:

Bring your broken jewelry to our location and we will take care of the rest.

1.Repair Request

Bring your broken jewelry to 14K. No appointment is needed. Simply just walk in and we will help you start the process.

3.In-House Repair by 14K

After your approval, our jewelers will repair your item(s) in-house with ultimate precision.

2.Receive a Quote and Timeframe

Our jewelers will evaluate your item(s) and provide you with a quote for repair and a timeframe for completion.


Once your repair is complete, we will contact you via phone or email. You can pick up your repaired jewelry during our normal business hours.

Not sure if your jewelry can be fixed?

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