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From professional battery replacements to complex mechanical overhauls, 14K can fulfill all aspects of your watch repair needs. Our team possesses the training, experience, and tools necessary to service, repair, or restore almost any timepiece. Watch services are available for various makes and models, including fine luxury Swiss brands.

Our experienced watchmaker is on-site and will diagnose any problem with your timepiece. Once your watch has been analyzed, we will provide you with a detailed repair estimate free of charge for your review. Work is never started until customer approval.

watch battery replacement
Battery Replacement

Quartz movement watches require a battery to function. At 14K, we have a large selection of replacement batteries that will get your watch working again. In most cases, this service can be performed while you wait. We guarantee our watch batteries for one year!

watch battery replacement
Sizing & Adjustments

Does your watch fit correctly? If not, our team of trained associates has the knowledge and proper tools to adjust your band to your preferred size. Most bands can be adjusted while you wait!

watch battery replacement
Cleaning & Polishing

Is the exterior of your watch scratched and collecting debris? At 14K we offer an exterior cleaning service that includes ultrasonic cleaning and polishing your watch casing, bracelet, or even both. Allow us to bring back that brand new look your watch once had!

watch battery replacement
New Watch Bands

14K offers a diverse selection of replacement straps and bracelets for your watch. Styles include leather bands, expansion bands, stainless steel bands, and more. New watch band installations can usually be conducted during your visit!

watch battery replacement
Stem & Crown Replacement

The stem and crown perform many common functions on your watch, including setting the time, day/date, or even winding. Sometimes these crucial parts detach from the movement, or wear out over time and become non-functional. In most scenarios, a broken stem and crown can be replaced by our watchmaker using original parts from the manufacturer of your watch!

watch battery replacement
Crystal Replacement

Is a cracked crystal taking away from the aesthetic of your timepiece? Here at 14K, we stock a variety of professional-grade mineral glass, sapphire, and acrylic crystal sizes that will fit almost any watch. Have your damaged crystal replaced by our watchmaker today!

watch battery replacement
Complete Overhaul

Restore your watch to its original factory specifications and prolong its life with a complete overhaul. This service includes disassembling, cleaning/lubricating, and reassembling the movement of your watch. Additionally, the exterior features of your watch are cleaned and polished, including its casing and band. During this process, your watch is timed to check for proper movement functionality and time accuracy.

watch battery replacement
Movement Replacement

If a full overhaul is not successful in restoring your watch’s functionality, a new movement may be required. New movements are tailored to your watch’s factory specifications and installed by our certified watchmaker.

watch battery replacement

Other in-house watch services include: refinishing existing watch dials to original condition; tightening or replacing watch minute and second hands; mechanical watch demagnetizing; gasket inspection/replacement and pressure testing; replacement of missing buckles/watch pins; and restoring metal-band clasp functionality.

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